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Morning Pick Up (TK-6th)

Bus pick up and drop off near Cedar and Olive Avenue at 1264 N. Rowell, 93703.

7:25 AMRowell & Hammond1264 Rowell Fresno
7:30 AMNorseman4636 Weldon Fresno

TK & Kindergarten Return

1:40 PMNorseman4636 Weldon Fresno
1:45 PMRowell & Hammond1264 Rowell Fresno

Grade 1 through Grade 6 Return

2:40 PMNorseman4636 Weldon Fresno
2:45 PMRowell & hammond1264 Rowell Fresno

Bus Expectations and Conduct for All Students

The conduct of students riding district, district-chartered or district-contracted buses, shall be the joint responsibility of the school site administer, the bus driver, and parent.

Because school bus passenger’s behavior can directly affect their safety and the safety of others, the following regulations apply at all times when students are riding a school bus, including field trips and other special trips. School personnel, parents/guardians and the student themselves must all ensure that these regulations are followed.

Bus transportation is a service and a privilege.  Students who are cited for the violations listed below will be disciplined by a school administrator following written communication from the bus driver involved.  Students receiving bus citations will lose their bus privileges as follows:

  • 1st citation =  warning
  • 2nd citation = no bus for 10 days*
  • 3rd citation = no bus for the remainder of the school year*

*Note:  Our bus citations policy has changed to correctly reflect those of our transportation department.

***Please note-Serious offenses may result in the immediate loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.***

Violations of District Bus Regulations

  1. Standing or leaving seat while bus is in motion
  2. Tampering with bus equipment
  3. Obstructing the aisle with legs, feet, or other objects
  4. Not sitting facing the front of the bus
  5. Putting any part of the body out of bus windows
  6. Using vulgar or profane language or gestures
  7. Smoking or lighting matches on the bus
  8. Eating or drinking on the bus
  9. Failing to cross the street in front of the bus under the driver’s supervision
  10. Having dangerous objects, glass, knives, etc. on the bus
  11. Not following proper bus procedures
  12. Being defiant or uncooperative with the bus driver, needing constant correction
  13. Fighting or abusive body contact on the bus, or while loading and unloading
  14. Damaging or defacing the bus
  15. Making unnecessary noise or commotion, whistling or calling people from the bus
  16. Giving improper identification when requested by the bus driver
  17. Throwing objects from the bus window or while at the bus stop

In case of a severe violation or repeated offenses, the rider may be denied transportation for a period of time determined by the principal in consultation with the Transportation Department, up to the remainder of the school year.

TK/Kindergarten Students

For the safety of our all Kindergarten students, no student(s) will be released from the bus without an authorized adult to pick them up at the bus stop.  In any case that a student is not picked up, the student will be brought back to the school, and parent(s) will be contacted to pick up the student at school.  Each time a child is brought back to the school, the parents will receive a citation.  Citation policies are the same as listed above.

Students are responsible for obeying all bus rules and school rules while at the bus stop, on the bus, and walking to and from the bus stop.

Any questions regarding bus conduct rules and regulations can be directed to the Norseman School office at 253-6500 or the Transportation Department at 457-3138 during normal business hours.

For more information, please contact Norseman School at 559-253-6500 or call our Transportation Department at 559-457-3138.

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